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Private Investigation

Collecting information and data, documentation and evidence to help our clients purchase personal and economic interests effectively in the following areas:
  • Monitoring prospective business partners, mapping economic background, coverage examination, reliability checking.
  • Determinating operational location of companies.
  • Payment and creditability analysis.
  • Debtor finding, claim negotiations.
  • Reliability and every-day-living test of employees.
  • Finding missing persons, objects, hereditaments.
  • Checking loyalty of partners.
  • Detection and elimination of surveillence issues, harrasment and unwanted interest regarding personal life.
  • Litigation procedure support.
Application of our methods -even simultaneously- provides an effective and fast way to fully satisfy our customers:
  • Data collection from public databanks.
  • Production of hidden photo/video recordings.
  • Observation, documentation of persons, objects.
  • Creating living conditions.
  • Surveilance of a follower.
  • Controlling conspired routes of cargo delivery.