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Private Investigation
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Private Investigation

Collecting information and data, documentation and evidence to help our clients purchase personal and economic interests effectively


Personal and property defence

Protecting private property with human and technical defense.


Education & Training

Establishing and improving the capabilities of citizens and members of civil and environmental protection in their fields.




Veteran Experts Group Ltd. was founded by professionals who worked over 25-30 years at secret services, police and military units.

The market has already a large number of "security" companies, nevertheless the owners raised the idea of incorporation because there is still a present and increasing need for truly high quality and special expertise to work in private investigation, person and property defense, as well as education and training. Knowing this, the Ltd. gathered a highly qualified senior staff with special pool of expertise in armed forces.

Our enterprise, in addition to the typical security companies can implement specific actions, which are performed appropriate to international standards in any continents of the world.

Our staff base their operations on several decades of professioinal experience. Most of our experts are university and college graduates, have language skills and are internationally recognized representatives.

Our principles are: reliability, honesty and discretion.

We provide services according to the local laws and in compliance with the relevant legislation in all cases. Our operations are fully built on mutual trust between our customers and our company.

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